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The Főnix Card and the Főnix Community Card Program provides a community discount service and discount card system and program for the residents of Debrecen, the students studying in Debrecen, the visitors arriving in Debrecen as well as the business partners. It provides specific advantages, improves the economic processes and support the local communities and tourism.


The holders of Főnix Card can receive immediate discount on purchases at places which are contracted partners of the Hungarian Discount Network (check the list of partners here: and ). Currently there are more than 1500 partners and shops nationwide and cardholders can also purchase discount tickets for cultural events at .


The Főnix Card is a personal, intelligent, multifunctional card equipped with NFC chip and is a member of the +Discount Community Discount Card family.


Our aim is that more customers would visit those Partners, businesses and shops that accept the card while the holders of Főnix Card would receive immediate discounts at more and more shops. By purchasing products with a discount the card holders can save multiple times the annual fee of the card.


The Főnix Card can be bought at sales points in Debrecen moreover visitors arriving to Debrecen can get the card at hotels and guesthouses or can buy the Főnix Card (Visit Card) with its provided discounts for the period of time they spend in Debrecen. Tourists immediately get the list of Partners accepting the card and chances are that they would visit those restaurants, cafés and shops.


Joining the system and the program is free for Card accepting Partners the only condition is that the Card accepting Partner provides discount from the prices of products and services, make a customergetting offer based on which the customer holding a Főnix Card would get immediate discount from the purchase. The scope of discounted services and products, the scale of customergetting offer and discounts are defined by the places according to its own business policy. The discounts available at the Card accepting partners can be checked at and while card holders would also receive information regularly in inAPP messages and e-mails.



The Card accepting Partners thanks to the cooperation with the Hungarian Discount Network can reach besides the holders of Főnix Card other cardholders whose cards are members of the +Discount Community Discount Card (e.g. Erzsébetváros Card, Zugló card, Rockcard, MASPORT card) if their business interest and scope of activity requires. The up-to-date card list can be found at The total number of cardholders is close to 200,000 and those potential customers can also be reached by their offers through this partnership. We offer you the chance of local and national income growth. In this cooperation we can make your advertisement activity more cost-effective by our target-group tailored database marketing services. The Card accepting Partner can decide whether it provides purchase discounts only for Főnix Card holders or exploits the opportunity of the potential purchasing power coming to our town thus providing discounts on purchases for all cardholders who are members of the +Discount Community Discount Card,

On our website you can fin dall important information on how and with what conditions you can ask for an own, personal Főnix Card and the kinds of discounts you are entitled to. The list of shops and services accepting the card is expanding continuously. You can get up-to-date information about that on our website as well.


We hope that more and more people will use Főnix Card in their everyday lives because with Főnix Card everyone benefits.


Főnix Community Discount Card Program


Ív produkció Ltd. as the issuer of Főnix Card launched the Főnix Community Discount Card Program on 1 February 2017. By purchasing Főnix Card you can support communities, churches, foundations, organisations and educational institutions. After every Főnix Card purchased by the supporters of the communities with the help of the communities Ív Produkció Ltd. donates 600 HUF support to the given organisation.


After every sold Főnix Card which is validated and cannot be connected to other community supporter Ív Produkció Ltd. transfers 300 HUF as a support to Dorcas Foundation.


As a conscious buyer you can support a given civil organisation with your purchases probably from 1 July 2017. The local civil organisations and communities thanks to their dedicated buyers who own a Főnix Card would receive continuous financial source through the purchases. Take advantage of the purchase discounts every day because by using Főnix Card you can support the civil organisation which is important for you.


We create value and build a Community!